Ran Dosis is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, performer and producer. Born in Heidelberg, Germany, he was introduced to the piano at a very young age by his father Dieter B. Kapp which resulted in him further exploring it and later taking classical lessons.

Influenced by his uncle, Roy Randolph of De-phazz, he picks up percussion and guitar and teaches himself electric bass, talk box and various synthesizers. Having acquired those skills Ran Dosis begins writing and producing his own music. As a teenager, he is very influenced by Hip-Hop/R&B. His early demos spotlight rapping, singing and instrumentals/beats.

After taking singing lessons his musical taste expands and he starts creating album concepts and demos incorporating a wider variety of genres resulting in “The Electric Blue Dancer”.

He starts collaborating with producer/artist Je’kob Washington on “Close to You”, a mix of R&B, Electronic and Funk. Having other contacts in the industry in the US and being a dual citizen, Ran Dosis decides to move to NYC. He begins collaborating with and producing for other musicians and working on his next project “Facing The World”, now incorporating a more 80’s New Wave sound.

Ran Dosis has performed internationally at venues such as Halle 02 in Germany, various music venues in London and Amateur night at the Apollo among many other venues in New York City. Having produced and mixed most of his own material and after having had mixing sessions with grammy nominated sound engineer Frank Wolf, Ran Dosis is continuing on that path currently working on 2 projects to be released in 2024. “Anima”, an EP and a full length entitled “True Resurrection”. They combine Synth Wave and Funk with some Trap and current Pop elements and thematically are exploring spiritual Alchemy. In 2023 Ran Dosis put together a new band for his upcoming live shows and future recording projects entitled “The Elementals”.